7 tips to prepare for your upcoming MBA interview.

Getting an admission into a reputed MBA college is very similar to running a 200m sprint. You’ve got to be hydrated, constantly outdoing the competition and you’ve got to push yourself one step further to win the race. In a similar way, the first hurdle to getting an MBA education is the entrance exam. If you crack the entrance exam, you have to face another hurdle in the form of group discussion test. Once you cross that second hurdle, then comes the scary, MBA Interview. Many students at this stage are worried as to whether they will be able to pass the interview. That’s why we have rounded up some incredibly helpful tips that should help you ace your interview and make that final step towards a quality MBA education.


1.  Get organized


Prepare a folder with all your important documents like your resume, college transcripts, certificates, letters of recommendation, pen and paper and  list of questions to ask the panel. Store multiple copies of the documents as you never know when you will need them. Always ask the panel relevant questions as this will tell the panel how interested you are in the opportunity.


2. Sleep well, eat well


Get atleast 6 -8 hours of undisturbed sleep before the interview. You don’t want to show up red eyed. Have a light breakfast and a quick wash to help you get mentally prepared for the interview. Wake up a few hours in advance, so you’re ready for the day well before time.


3. Reach early


At least reach the venue 15 minutes before the interview begins. This shows that you know how to manage your time and are dependable and will earn you the extra brownie points your deserve.


4. Dress appropriately


It’s important to show the panel your maturity level by dressing according to the occasion. So keep your clothes ready a few days before and make sure they are ironed properly. Shoes must be polished. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


Boys – Plain Long Sleeve Shirt (Preferable a light colour – White, Light Blue); Dark Pants (Black or Blue); Tie; Belt; Black Shoes


Girls – Trousers/Knee length Skirt (Black, navy or dark grey); Blouse/Shirt (Coordinated with trousers/skirt); Shoes/Heels


5. Body Language & Manners

When you enter the room always greet everybody with a smile and an handshake. If there is a lady in the room, greet her first. Firmly shake hands with the panel members. Only take a seat if you have been asked to sit. When seated don’t slouch and sit erect. How you compose yourself and your posture is very important at this stage. Speak directly to the person asking you the question but maintain eye contact with the panel members. Be clear, assertive and audible and don’t stutter and use slang words.

6. Be yourself

Don’t exaggerate about your achievements. Lying is ill advised. Simply be yourself and talk about what interests you, what is your passion and where you see yourself in the next 5 years.

7. Thank the panel

Send a thank you mail to the interviewer(s) for their time (even if you feel the interview didn’t go well) within 24 hours of your interview. Express your interest in the college and talk about something specific from the interview.