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The philanthropic initiative of the Brij Eductaional Trust resulted in the establishment of BIMT. The Brij mohan Institute of Management and Technology is a MBA institute in Gurgaon. The institute imparts quality management education to aspirants who cannot get admission at the top tier colleges. We always like to say to candidates that there is no reason to lose hope in your future. Maybe, you were unsuccessful in your MBA entrance exam. However, that does not mean that you are a failure in life.

On looking around, you can always find alternative solutions to any problem. This looking around with hope and determination despite the primary failure, distinguishes the winner from the rest. At out Gurgaon institute, we groom the future leaders of the business world. With us, every student is a winner.

We recognize that there are quite a few management colleges in Gurgaon. Most of these colleges focus on providing education only to the students in the Delhi NCR and Haryana region. However, we are different because we aim high. Instead of localizing our focus, we aim to invite students from all parts of the country. We would offer convenient and disciplined accommodation options to students, so parents can rest easy that their child is in good hands. We have fully-furnished adequate hostel facilities at Sector 10A in Gurgaon. The rooms are spacious and have modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Being one of the top MBA colleges in Gurgaon, our motto is always to ensure the training of ethical management practices despite the obvious challenges. We are a believer of the ‘walk the talk’ principle. So, we strictly adhere by the good business principles at all aspects of running the college. We offer a relatively cost effective option to students looking forward to pursue a masters in business administration. Following this systematic procedure has been crucial in establishing our reputation as a top MBA institute in Gurgaon.

We believe in effective implementation of resources for the optimum benefit of students. Hence, we have all the necessary arrangements in place. We have a fully-equipped computer lab and a library facility. Students also have Wi-Fi connectivity in their hostel rooms to continue their studies without any disruption. Each student receives an official email id. The administration, staffs, and the students regularly engage in fruitful conversation over the emails. Whenever there is any issue, we encourage the student to follow the right protocol.

Sending the email is the professional way to resolve matters. In fact, this encouragement to emailing conversations is also a part of our training curriculum. Sending the right email to have an impact is also a professional practice. It trains the student in communications, which is the fundamental concept of being part of a good business. This attention to detail makes us the right choice from the other Gurgaon MBA colleges.

We maintain an exemplary system of resourcefulness for the students. The first level of resource is of course the experience base of our teaching staff. We have the most dedicated members of the corporate community, who has been dedicating their time in grooming others to excel at the highly competitive environment. Our faculties have extensive training and experience.  We always encourage students to refrain from hesitation whenever they need any clarification. In the business world, hesitation is unacceptable as it shows a lack of confidence.

We believe that only the confident have the ability to make a difference in their respective organizations. Unless the professional is able to set a unique benchmark of his/her own, it is very easy to lose oneself into the network of the corporate labyrinth. We make sure that the student excels in confidence when he/she faces the interview board for the first time. The training in determination starts from day one and includes all aspects of studying at BIMT. By perseverance and maintaining consistency, we have been able to carve a distinct position in the management education niche. No wonder, our students always maintain better overall records than the other MBA colleges in Gurgaon.

We have a highly-equipped infrastructure compatible with our status of a mid-level management education institute. We are very proud of our niche position and like all good businesses we always hope to reach the top through maintaining consistent good performance. The achievements of our students reflect our consistency throughout the years of service in the education industry. We make sure to maintain the dedication of providing the best training to our valued students. We respect the parent’s decision to select us for the education of their sons/daughters. In return, we get the respectful acknowledgment from hundreds of parents who find their child get a good job immediately after the course. We are always careful not to slip from our reputability.

We would look into the placement of each and every student with earnestness. We recognize that completing a course has no value unless you can land a good job. We have strong industry connections so that our students get the deserving opportunities to prove their skills in taking an organization forward. Our students have a deep understanding of the progressive values of the business world. We always say to our students, “To Prosper is to Progress.”