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ACOS 4th Annual Meet & International Summit at Hotel Leela.

Acos held its 4th Annual Meet & International Summit at Hotel Leela ,Gurgaon on the Topic: Globalization of Legal Services, where our students were selected to attend the conference and examine Trends in International arbitration and Cross border Merger and Acquisitions.

Joseph A. Hopper-ISB Alum

Workshop on “Problem Solving using the Evaporating Cloud Method” by Joseph A Hopper.

Joseph A. Hopper is an accomplished international lecturer and consultant specializing in supply chain, operations planning and inventory management. As Director – India of TOC Institute since 2011, he has been associated with Goldratt India for TOC implementations across a variety of Indian manufacturers.

A former ASA Director at the Indian School of Business Hyderabad, Joseph created the Experiential Learning Programme (ELP) and managed the Wharton Global Consulting Practicum. He has personally overseen over 100 consulting engagements for a wide variety of clients such as HP, Bombardier, Sony, Citibank, Goodyear, Maersk, SAP, SEBI, Microsoft, Mattel, ITC, Amazon.com, Google, ICICI Ventures and GE.

Joseph holds an M.B.A. from ISB Hyderabad (Dean’s list) and a B.A. in International Business from King College. He began his career in equity research at United Management Company (USA) as one of four analysts monitoring assets of USD $1 billion.



Workshop on Art of Living,Spiritualism & Management by Ms Susan Chopra (Advanced Angel Practitioner, Reiki Grand Master) from the United Kingdom at BIMT campus.


Kunal Singh is currently the Co-founder of Wealthpack,which aims to make a difference in
people’s lives  by revolutionizing personal finance in India. Kunal is an MBA from IIM
Ahmedabad class of 2004 and B.Tech from IIT Delhi. He has held senior positions
with American Express,Edelweiss Capital  &  D. E. Shaw & Co.


Dr. Manjula Shyam has had an illustrious career as an educator spanning more than three decades. She served as the Director of International Executive Programs at the School of Management at Yale University, taught MBA students as a Professor of International Business and served as Director of International Programs at the business school of Carnegie Mellon University, and prior to that, served as a Professor of International Relations at the University of Minnesota and George Williams College. She was a Visiting Professor at IIM, Ahmedabad in 1981-82. As a university administrator in the United States she set up international exchange programs with over a dozen universities in Asia and Europe. She founded and directed a Summer Institute for enhancing and enriching the MBA curricula for international students at Carnegie Mellon University. She initiated, directed and organized over 50 executive programs for very senior level executives from Asia, Europe and Latin America in addition to the United States. She is the author of three books and over a dozen research articles in refereed international journals.

arjit-final (4)

Arijit Sur has 10+ Years of strong experience in Strategy and Consulting with a global outlook spanning across Banking,Technology and Consumer Products.He is an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad 2006.He is currently employed as Engagement Manager with Accenture Consulting in Gurgaon.He has strong experience in Strategy with focus on Corporate Finance and Implementation of Corporate Strategy.He has worked on projects across the globe including Asia, Africa, Middle East and United States.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Prashanta Khaitan | Finance Manager, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL)

“Students participating in the seminar Hall of BIMT Gurgaon for attending the Guest Lecture of Mr. Prashanta Khaitan, Finance Manager at HUL Gurgaon. He delivered the Guest Lecture on – “Holistic Understanding of All the Finance Functions in Manufacturing Organizations” on 21st March 2015 at BIMT Gurgaon campus.

This session was intended to cover practical job-oriented aspects of Finance including Marketing. It was laced with his professional experiences in Hindustan Unilever to ensure that the Students can relate to it and apply their learnings on their job and become Future-Ready professionals.

Also, he shared his personal experiences and learnings with the students to give them a flavour of the modus operandi of Corporates at large!!


Guest lecture by Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, Head- Marketing, Videocon Industries Limited
He delivered the Lecture on – How to execute a brilliant strategy? 


Guest lecture by Rajeev Ranjan, CEO (Brannia communications Pvt Ltd.)


Guest lecture by Mr. Nilajan Mukherjee (AGM-HR, Relaxo Footwear Industries)


Guest Lecture by: Mr. Karan Bedi, Director, JMD Group at Orientation Program MBA 2014-16


Guest Lecture on 19th February,2013 by Ms Rashi Gupta from Cargill India


Guest Lecture by Reliance


Shri Vikash Rai Bhatnagar M
Delivered a lecture on leadership role in present scenario on 31st Oct, 09


Monica Kapur, Senior HR Associate , Capgemini
Monica Kapur is an HR professional with over 14 years of experience in both Core HR operations and strartegic HR consulting . She has experience of working in cross-functional industries like Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Technology. Presently working with Capgemini, a top consulting MNC. She holds a Master’s degree in Labor and Human Resource Management from Ohio State University, US.


Dr. Surya P. Mohanty VP & Research Head, Johnson and Johnson, USA delivered guest lecture on 28th March 2011.
Dr. Mohanty received his doctorate from Yale University, USA (one of the Ivy League universities) back in 1990. With short stint as a faculty at Yale University, he joined IBM Co. in USA in the research division. In 1992, he switched over to Bristol Myers Squ. Pharmaceutical Research Institute and worked till 2000 as a scientist. Since then Dr. Mohanty is working for Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals Research Division as vice president. He is also heading the Research Division with Sixty Eight Scientists having diversified background.


Dr. Kaushik Prakash ,Adjunct Professor of Management University of Massachusetts, USA conducted a three day seminar on Leadership. Dr. Prakash completed his Bachelor of Economics, from Harvard University, and his Doctorate of Business Administration from Sloan School of Management, M.I.T. The three day seminar aimed at exploring leadership as it is practiced in corporate and public sector environments. Emphasizing the role of leaders in guiding organizations through turbulent business climates, this seminar will help participants in motivating subordinates and teams, and in crafting strategic visions for their organizations. Topics such as change management, globalization, and human resource management factor strongly into discussions and readings.