Home Infrastructure


Main Building

The BIMT Gurgaon campus is completely WI-FI enabled and conducive for learning.

Seminar Rooms

The BIMT seminar rooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment in air-conditioned environment. It is used round the year for hosting college events like seminars, conferences, debates and cultural events.

Computer Lab

The computer center is equipped with latest configuration with a high speed and trouble-free internet system 24 hours a day, 7 days-a-week. The students are trained in the state-of-the art computer lab which enables them to be in touch with the latest that is in circulation in the professional world. The whole campus is Wi-Fi connected and keeps students connected to each other along with the world at the click of a finger. All correspondence is made through individual e-mails provided to each student and staff member of the institute.


The BIMT library is one of our most-accessed treasures. We have great collection of books, journals, magazines, educational software and cds. We also subscribe to several well-known periodicals and technical magazines for the intellectual nourishment of our students and faculty. Our library is an access to the latest domestic and international information. We take pride in possessing extremely valuable learning and revision kits, which are very useful to the students.

A Book Bank facility exists which allows students to get books issued for all courses of the semesters.
The library is rich with the quality and the quantity. It has more than 2000 volumes and titles of books, journals, magazines and cds. The library has adopted the fully computerized system of management and provides access to large number of online journals and database..

Hostels and Transport

Separate hostel facilities for girls and boys in Sector 33 Gurgaon will be provided to the students who opt fot it at the time of admission. Spacious and well-furnished rooms with adequate furniture, provide students a perfect and hassle-free stay. All the hostels have Wi-Fi connections and the students can avail 24 hours Internet facility. The Institute will run its own buses to provide transport to campus, outing and travel.

Mess & Cafeteria

Mess facilities at the hostel give the students, a feel of home stay. The staff of BIMT will make special efforts to ensure that the food cooked in the mess is hygienic, nutritious and of course, delicious. A uniquely designed and well serving cafeteria at BIMT premises will serve wide variety of snacks & beverages.


BIMT students of all ages and abilities take part in sport for enjoyment, relaxation and exercise and as a positive aid to their educational and managerial development and the formation of their sense of self-worth.

Sporting facilities include Cricket, Table Tennis, Chess, etc. The Institute encourages the sports activities by conducting various tournaments between the members of the BIMT family.

Every student and every member of staff who represents BIMT will be seen as an ambassador for the Institute. Players or participants will be encouraged to be on time, to dress appropriately and tidily, to greet opponents in a friendly manner before a competition and thank them and the umpire/referee afterwards, to play in a team spirit to the best of their ability, to encourage team mates, and to win and lose in a civilized manner.