MBA in Gurgaon – Top Factors to consider.

In today’s competitive environment, being ahead of the pack is a must, and in this regard an MBA education certainly helps. Graduation is no more the end of the line for students. MBA offers students an opportunity to develop management skills, which can be used in your job to get ahead. Top IIM Graduates get placed in some of the biggest fortune 500 companies in the world. That’s the difference that an MBA degree brings to the fold. There are a number of institutes to choose from for an MBA in Gurgaon. However it is important to consider a few important things before enrolling.




What field of study do you want to specialize in? Most institutes offer, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR & IT specializations. Choose the right field of study and select a college which offers a good course in that particular field.




Enrolling in an MBA course directly after your graduation isn’t exactly the best idea. Remember MBA is a course tailored to suit working professionals or people who have some degree of experience. It benefits those people most as well, as they get the necessary skills they need to succeed in their domain. However if you haven’t worked before, much of what you will learn in MBA may not have value. Therefore always consider getting some experience under your belt before doing an MBA.




How good is the teaching faculty? Are they experienced? Are they from the industry? Such questions often come to mind when selecting an institute. Since teachers are the cornerstone of a good education, it’s important to research and ask former students questions regarding the teaching staff before enrolling.




A lot of institutes guarantee 100% placements, but in most cases that isn’t quite accurate. The placement percentage greatly varies from year to year. The more important thing is to check the placement history of the college in consideration, the kind of companies that have recruited from there and then make your decision.

Credentials of the Institute


Another factor to take into consideration is the credentials of the institute. Is the institute reputed? What’s the history? etc. It’s important to know, as older institutes may be more reputed but the teaching methodology might not be updated.





Money of course is the vital component that plays into account when choosing an MBA college but really it is secondary to all the other considerations. Never put a price on a good education, but don’t waste money on bad institutes as well. Make an informed choice.



Of course the location is of prime importance, and if you’re looking to complete your MBA in Gurgaon, you’ve come to the right place. Gurgaon is now a world class metropolis with improved infrastructure and enhanced connectivity. Not only that the city offers a wide range of entertainment options coupled with a bustling student community that fosters growth and learning.


BIMT Gurgaon is a sprawling campus which is a center of world class education. The institute offers MBA, BBA and BCA courses and is equipped with a world class library, computer labs and conference centers. The students are exposed to real time learning and the attention to practicals is what makes BIMT Gurgaon special.


In the next blog post we will look at 5 reasons BIMT Gurgaon should be your next MBA destination!