MBA in Gurgaon

MBA College Gurgaon strives to be a hub for world class education. MBA institutes such as this wish to impart ethical, value based education in the ever evolving global business climate.

BIMT MBA college Gurgaon is one of the best M.B.A colleges in India. We wish to mold young minds and help them become the perceptive and resourceful professionals they aspire to be. After completing coursework at BIMT Gurgaon, our students are fully prepared to embark on challenging careers. In our endeavor to excellence we nurture and educate our students in the most exquisite learning experience that will help our graduates face all of the challenges the corporate world has to offer. MBA colleges provide a path to a successful future.

MBA College In Gurgaon or BIMT (Brij Mohan Institute of Management and Technology) is established by philanthropic Brij Educational Trust, to train its students in world class management education after leaving Gurgaon. Gurgaon strives to synthesize skills that are practical and knowledge that is theoretical in hopes of promoting and all around professional competence in all of our graduates. The guiding philosophy of MBA schools in
India is promoting and influencing value based growth. BIMT aspires to provide education of the utmost quality. In order to reach these goals, the members of BIMT will be monitored consistently to ensure transparency and accountability in the dealings of the administration and its students and their relationships with each other, and to keep in mind at all times the lofty ideals BIMT stands for.

BIMT offers a learning experience that inspires and stimulates its students. It builds year after year on its excellence in education, unleashing the best of its graduates, and allowing its students to evolve into professionals capable of competing at a level at par with global standards. In addition to traditional feedback we give to all of our students, we stress the importance of instilling a mindset in our students of the positive team oriented attitudes that are essential for success in today’s business climate. Our graduates in turn exemplify these superior standards we have instilled in them as professionals and entrepreneurs. Co-curricular events at BIMT give students the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild, developing their unique talents and personalities and helping to make them further stand out in today’s competitive job marketplace. We invite all who are interested to explore BIMT and take these opportunities to build your career with us!

Management colleges like BIMT Gurgaon have a very straightforward mission. Our mission at BIMT is to be a provider of globally-competitive managers. We strive to sustain and nurture academic excellence. We as an institution are programmed to promote innovation, and stress the importance of passing those values along to our students. We foster synergies between academic and industry related pursuits in hopes of forging strategic alliances in the development realm. Last but not least, we wish to develop BIMT into a world class university based institution of academic excellence and leadership in forming new, revolutionary thought processes and management education. BIMT is a top MBA colleges in Gurgaon. Your attendance and aspirations towards excellence can continue to make it so!

PGDCA college Gurgaon BIMT has a vision of channeling our institute’s resources in the hopes of helping to discover all of our students innate qualities. Through this, we can instill in them a passion for lifelong learning. We will establish a campus where international students can work and learn in collaboration with globally acclaimed premier institute like Gurgaon.

Our admissions process for a master of business administration at BIMT is streamlined, straightforward, and simple. It involves four stages. Students who have completed their graduation with at least 50% marks (45% in case of SC/ST category) in any stream or appearing in the final year of graduation from a recognized university may apply. There is a personal interview and merit based test on any of the CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA. Those who excelled at the personal interview and test will be notified of their progression to stage 2 via SMS, email, or phone. At stage 3, overall performance at the interview, and an assessment of academic and work experience is made. And finally, students will be informed of their selection.