Want admission in MBA? Pointers to opt for right MBA College in Gurgaon & NCR

Best MBA College in India

Best MBA College in India

MBA is the right choose to give your career a right direction. Promising, rewarding and satisfying career after doing MBA makes it one of the most preferred programmes among youngsters. A large number of MBA institutes come up every year with numerous courses and help students realize their dreams.
Though, this increasing number of MBA colleges has given students more choices, but it has brought some problems too. Big choice in front of students has made it extremely difficult for them to choose the right college. Every year hundreds of students strive hard to get admission into a reputed MBA college. Finding a right college might be difficult, but not impossible. Here are some pointers which can help you find most suitable and reputable college for you.


  • Take different entrance exams: First and foremost requirement to enter into a desirable MBA College is to take different exams. Some entrance exams like CAT, MAT and XAT ensure direct entry into some of the best colleges in country. Depending on your preference and other factors, opt for the exam.
  • Make a list of colleges: After doing a thorough research you can finalize some colleges and can make a list. It takes out hassle of applying in large number of colleges and then getting confused. While deciding on to the colleges, you can take care of some points, which are as follows:
  • Check complete profile: Generally MBA colleges offer a wide range of programs to help their students pick a right option as per their choice. Based on your dream and interest, you should look for different fields and combination of courses such as marketing, finance, HR, media, hospitality, international marketing etc.
  • Credentials of the college: With mushrooming of so many MBA colleges, it is advisable to opt for only a reputable college with complete authentication and certification. Check for the affiliation and other credentials of the college. A minor mistake in choosing a right college can shatter your dreams. Check out to which universities the colleges are affiliated to and what is their market value.
  • Location of the college: Location of professional institutes plays a vital role. In courses like MBA students are required to do many practical researches and tasks for which they need to go to different places. In such situation, it is important that college is situated at a place having good connectivity and good infrastructure. For instance an MBA College in Gurgaon is a right choice for the city not only has world-class connectivity, but also has most desired infrastructure too.
  • BIMT Gurgaon MBA College

    BIMT Gurgaon MBA College

    Reputation of the institute: Reputation of the chosen college should be given due attention. Many students forget that in today’s time, colleges also have brand names and selection of right or wrong college can make or mare your resume. When you apply for a job, employer also looks for the college from where you have passed out. If you resumes carries a reputable name, your chances of getting good position and higher package increase manifolds.

  • Curriculum: Curriculum followed in the college plays a vital role in a student’s overall growth. You should check out whether the college focuses on only bookish knowledge or also concentrates on extracurricular activities too. Some MBA colleges focus on overall growth of their students and prepare them to face all the challenges in corporate world. Its advisable to opt for an MBA College which lays emphasis of theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the students and also include various sports and other activities in their curriculum.
  • Staff: Teachers are the life blood of any educational institution. A number of colleges are there which hire only highly qualified and experienced teachers who have strong command over their subjects. You should opt for such a college only. Faculty of the college should also be ready to help students when they need their assistance.
  • Study pattern: Educational system and teaching method followed is equally important while choosing an MBA College. Some colleges still follow the old teaching pattern of chalk and board while some reputed colleges use most advanced teaching pattern. They use latest technology such as projectors, satellite classes etc. If you want to keep a pace with the changing technology, it’s better you go for a college which keeps itself updated with changing technology and teaching patterns.
  • Placements: Student placement is one of the most important factors for success of MBA colleges. The college you want to get enrolled should have strong placement records. Most of the colleges claim 100% placements but this might not be true for every college. In order to get real picture, you can talk to old students of the particular college.
  • Fees: This is an important factor for almost every student. There is no sense in taking admission in very expensive college, for it will only lay more financial pressure on you and your family. Always go for a college which justifies the fee charged by it and which you can afford too.
  • Student assistance: Though all the colleges claim to offer good student assistance, but very few colleges keep their words. Colleges have programs and departments to assist students with their academic as well as professional career. Career assistance departments help students find good job and also assist them in securing internship in reputed organizations. Some colleges hire experts for this work while some give the opportunity to alumni of their college.
  • BIMT Top MBA College Gurgaon

    BIMT Top MBA College Gurgaon

    Infrastructure of the business school: MBA colleges generally boast of having state-of-the-art infrastructure. This you should personally confirm by visiting the college campus yourself. Besides college campus, hostel, mess and various other things matter while choosing a college.

The above mentioned are some of the important pointers, which can help you choose a right MBA College. Selection of a right MBA college can only help you realize your dreams and make successful career. So, be very cautious and smartly choose a college which is located at prime location, offers good programs and ensure a bright career of its students.