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We offer educational programs in three disciplines i.e MBA, BBA, and BCA in Gurgaon. Two of our courses directly offer management training in both graduate and postgraduate levels. We offer a Bachelor in Business Administration course and a Master in Business Administration course. In keeping up with the reputation of Brij mohan Institute of Management and Technology, we also provide a technical education course as a part of our BCA curriculum.The Bachelor in Computer Application program intends to prepare the student to serve a variety of roles in the industry. Students primarily go through the BCA curriculum to incorporate the best technical aspects of education. Our constant attention at maintaining the highest standards of training in all the three disciplines make us the preferable service over other MBA, BBA and BCA colleges in Gurgaon/NCR
We have a course curriculum based on the latest developments of the industry. The management world is evolving very fast. There have been several major events in the business world in the past few years. We have been through the great financial depression of 2009 that saw many of the major corporations of the world close down declaring bankruptcy. This was a major milestone in the industry as it proved that the business network is yet to develop a failsafe strategy. Trusting in the ‘too big to fail’ motto did not make sense anymore! This was a serious concept shock for management gurus and pundits all over the world as the event indicated that there are serious flaws in the training mechanism.

Since then, the business world is on the path of a progressive recovery, following a method of reinventing the strategies that developed during the 1980’s and the 90’s. We are the MBA institute college Gurgaon right at the cutting edge of global developments in the field. We constantly keep track of the latest developments in management principles across the world. We recognize that the international management scenario is a collaborative network of businesses across the world.

Our MBA, BBA and BCA courses in Gurgaon aims to help students in expanding their consciousness to meet international business requirements. This is often challenging because students come from different closeted communities across the country. We have a systematic arrangement in place that helps the students to understand microeconomics as a perfect small-scale representation of the macroeconomic principles. Following this approach of helping the student to develop the perspective to see the reflection of the bigger business network in the operations of the organizations where they get their placements. This helps the students of our Gurgaon institute to stay in touch constantly with global developments, and develop effective management strategies that implement the global trends into the organization.

We constantly arrange for tests to evaluate the alignment of the students with the developments in the international business scenario. We always encourage students to look into alternative news sources like the social media in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the current status of the business world. This real-time approach helps us to perform as the leading center above the other MBA colleges in Gurgaon.  We focus on inculcating strong values of ethical business management in our students.

We recognize that this is a highly challenging predicament and there are several roadblocks. However, our skilled faculties make sure that the students have the necessary understanding to take management decisions that are ethical at the core. While focusing on ethicality, we always insist on following a progressive approach. In fact, one of our core principles is, “To prosper is to Progress.” We maintain a very strong focus on this motto.

The master of business administration course is a two-year program covering all the current essentials of finding a suitable placement. We would arrange for placement opportunities for all students following the successful completion of the program. We would provide all necessary resources and ensure that no student stays back without a suitable placement. Owing to our integrated industry affiliations, we arrange interviews with many leading companies. Our institute maintains an enviable placement track record compared to other management colleges Gurgaon.

We place a core focus on developing an effective brand image for the organization. The image is already there, but the professionals are the ones who take it forward. Interpretation of brand image is a critical paradigm because of the difference between appearance and reality.  We recognize that students would find this confusing if they have solely the ideal parameters on mind. Hence, we provide a highly realistic training that helps students in playing a constructive role to bridge the gap between the apparent and the real.

We diligently train students on developing their abilities to become a strong voice in the organization where they would be serving. Our students can develop management strategies that would ensure profitability for the company without compromising on the positive brand identity. This approach renders us to be the Gurgaon institute of choice for hundreds of students across the country.

Our focus is to inculcate a sense of ethical profitability through our compact curriculums. We concentrate on helping the students to realize their self-confidence through successful undertaking of diverse responsibilities. Our BCA college Gurgaon has an efficient system of practical training that helps students realize their self-confidence. We would present different possible situations in company management and channelize the students to take a balanced decision that ensures the best long-term advantage for the organization.

Sometimes, this can be highly challenging because the long-term advantage may require a short-term risk. Our students have the necessary visionary confidence and logic to explain why an immediate risk can help the company to prosper in long-term. We make it a point to incorporate the latest industry trends like sustainable development, conscious branding, and corporate social responsibility in the understanding of management principles.

These strategies help us to stay at the top of the top MBA colleges in Gurgaon. We provide quality training that prepares the BIMT students to maintain the best management practices. It is also a matter of our reputation over the other MBA colleges Gurgaon. We take our reputation (brand image) very seriously, and undertake the necessary procedures to uphold it always.